Alibi V.22 No.47 • Nov 21-27, 2013 

Gift Guide

Gifts of Good Taste(s)

Piñon K cups, $15

NM Piñon Coffee Company
4431 Anaheim NE

A good old-fashioned cup of joe has never been easier. New Mexico Piñon Coffee is now available in single-serve cups compatible with those handy new-fangled Keurig machines. The family-operated company uses real piñons hand-picked by locals, achieving a distinctly New Mexican flavor that’s transcendently smooth, lightly nutty and not bitter. Available in regular or biscochito, it’s $15 for 18 K-cups at, or swing by their kiosk at Cottonwood Mall (10000 Coors Bypass NW). Delight your out-of-state family with a local fav. (Lisa Barrow)

Piñon brittle, $27.50 per lb.

Buffett’s Candies
7001 Lomas NE

The toasted, slightly buttery taste of a piñon nut makes it the perfect addition to a variety of candies. Our favorite is the piñon brittle at Buffett’s, where late owner George Buffett (Warren’s cousin) started making the treat way back in 1951. Take one taste and you’ll never go back to peanuts again. Even better, Buffett's offers complimentary gift wrapping, meaning that you’ll be less tempted to sneak a taste before putting it under the tree. (Ty Bannerman)

Li’l Stocking Stuffer sampler, $7.75

The Chocolate Cartel
315 Juan Tabo NE

Master chocolatiers the Van Rixel brothers use Venezuelan cacao as the cornerstone for their wide-ranging line of premium chocolates. Their Li’l Stocking Stuffer sampler features two truffles and two nutty confections in a classy clear box. It’s a great introduction to their chocolates and, like the name says, fits right into the heel of a Christmas sock. (Ty Bannerman)

Tio Frank’s Hot Green Chile Sauce, $5.99 or

Black Market Salsa, $6.59

La Montañita Coop
3500 Central SE / 2400 Rio Grande NW
265-4631 / 242-8800

If you're “the person who likes hot stuff,” you're by now accustomed to receiving bottles of lethal hot sauce. Your family watches expectantly as you drip the tiniest drop on your eggs. That's good fun and I enjoy it, but I also enjoy my heat in an edible format. Two of my favorite sauces are made right here in town. Tio Frank's Hot Green Chile Sauce packs the heat while retaining an intensely pure green chile flavor, and Black Market Salsa is, perhaps, the tastiest salsa in the universe. Both are available locally, and both make perfect gifts for the New Mexican expatriate. (Carl Petersen)

Santa Fe SilverCoin Tequila, around $35

Jubilation Wine and Spirits
3512 Lomas NE

After a long dry spell, distillation has come to New Mexico at last. Our friends at Jubilation Spirits keep a stock of several local varieties of booze and are always happy to make a recommendation. Our favorite is the Santa Fe Silver Coin tequila, perfect for margaritas or a Mexican coffee. And who couldn’t use a little fire in their belly to help them face the holidays? (Ty Bannerman)

Tailwaggin’ Temptations gourmet dog treats, $4 to $12

Dawg Gone Good
3339 Central NE

All year long your dog—or cat—lovingly passed no judgment while you binged night after night on “Breaking Bad” episodes. Show your endless gratitude by giving them a special treat made right here in Albuquerque. Tailwaggin’ Temptations treats are made with all natural ingredients like sweet potato, yogurt and carob. These are especially good for pets with sensitive stomachs. Best of all, your pet will know how much you love them with the very first bite. (Amelia Olson)