Alibi V.13 No.34 • Aug 19-25, 2004 


Discs for Dollars

Turning CDs, DVDs, video games and books into cold, hard cash

Scott Rickson

Everyone falls on hard times, and that's when the following businesses come in handy. You've gotta eat, right? Well, gather up those books you've read three or four times, the CDs that are gathering dust on the shelf and the porn DVDs your significant other doesn't even know you own and turn them into cash. It might be difficult to part with some of your stuff, but you'll feel better after you've had something to eat.

Sell Your DVDs/VHS

Charley's Records & Tapes
Buys some DVDs.
7602 Menaul NE
1201 Juan Tabo NE, 296-6107
6100-F Coors NW, 898-9227
6001-R Lomas NE, 266-1363
1630 Rio Rancho Drive, 892-3837
4315 Wyoming NE, 299-7750
They rarely pay more than a dollar or two for DVDs, but their trade policy can be generous. (Look for 3-for-1 trades deals two or three times per year.)
Page One Too
11018 Montgomery NE
Tiny selection of DVDs. Best for trade/store credit.
Title Wave Books
7915 Menaul NE
Small selection of DVDs. One of the only outlets for selling used VHS in the city. Foreign/kids/cult. No adult. Good prices paid.
Wherehouse Music
2511 San Mateo NE
Wide selection of DVDs. Includes some adult titles.

Sell Your Video Games

Addicted to Comics
4008 Central SE
Buys newer games (X-Box PS2), but deals in some older systems (NES, Play Station, Sega Genesis)
Game Proz
2626 San Pedro NE
Mostly newer games (X-Box, Game Cube).
Game Stop
111 Coors NW, 839-1040
4411 San Mateo Blvd. NE, 883-4350
9311 Coors NW, 890-3033
Constantly rotating stock of cutting-edge games and systems (X-Box, Game Cube). Buys/sells some current DVD titles as well.
Noble Collectibles
8216 Montgomery NE, 858-0212
9311 Coors NW, 898-0256
Westside location has large selection of portable games (Game Boy Advance) and older systems (Sega Genesis, N64).
Press Play
3250 Coors NE
Mostly newer games (X-Box, Game Cube), some portables (Game Boy).
RePlay Games
2801-D Eubank NE
Specializes in domestic and imported games. Mostly newer, but some older (NES, Dreamcast). Some PC titles.

Sell Your Books


Bird Song
1708 Central SE
Book Case
113 Central SE
Book Garden
1635-B Eubank NE
Book Stop
3410 Central SE
Crane's Bill Books
2828 Carlisle NE
Downtown Books and Beans
521 Central NW
Page One Too
SE Corner of Montgomery and Juan Tabo
Title Wave Books
7915 Menaul NE
Rare or Specialized

Afterwords: Rare and Collectible Books
901 Rio Grande NW, Suite G-152
Alameda Book Exchange
1111 Alameda NW
Don's Paperback Book Exchange
1013 San Mateo SE
Tom Davies Bookshop
3904 B Central SE

Sell Your CDs

Charley's Records & Tapes
7602 Menaul NE
They generally more for CDs, cassettes and LPs in good condition than the other guys. Interested in metal, hardcore and relatively obscure titles some of the other locals won't touch.
Disc and Record Roundup
2529 San Mateo NE
They'll pay between $2 and $5, depending on the title. Decent selection.
1201 Juan Tabo NE, 296-6107
6100-F Coors NW, 898-9227
6001-R Lomas NE, 266-1363
1630 Rio Rancho Drive, 892-3837
4315 Wyoming NE, 299-7750
They don't pay much, so you're best bet is to trade for store credit. Buyers tend to have less musical knowledge than you do, so weed out the stuff you know they won't recognize beforehand so as not to waste too much time. Their budget selection can be a gold mine if you're in the market.
Krazy Kat
9012-A Central SE
It's nearly impossible to walk into Krazy Kat and not walk out with something you didn't have before. The selection is eclectic and crammed into a cramped little space that you'll spend hours perusing. They pay the standard "up to five bucks" for most CD titles, but they also deal in vinyl and collectors' items. Good luck.
Natural Sound
3422 Central SE
Used to be notoriously picky—which is why they're notorious for having the best selection of used CDs in town—until they bought a couple of resurfacing machines. Now they'll take pretty much anything you take in, as long as it's a strong title. Expect $4 to $5 for good titles in good condition. Eighty percent of trade total in cash. They also buy VHS, DVDs and limited cassettes.
Page One Too
11018 Montgomery NE
294 –5623
Relatively knowledgeable buyers, good selection, good prices paid. You get more in trade, of course, but you're looking for gas money, right?
We Buy Music
107 Harvard SE
You'll get $1 to $5 for good titles in good condition, and you'll get 50 percent more in store credit than you'll get in cash. They also buy DVDs, cassettes, LPs and VHS.
Wherehouse Music
2511 San Mateo NE
Like the name suggests, Wherehouse Music is huge and crammed with a huge selection. Expect standard buying prices and less in cash than trade.