Alibi V.13 No.41 • Oct 7-13, 2004 

Feature: Picks

Ashley Floyd

Pizza Delivery Boy

Best Sushi


It's lovingly made, fresh tasting and authentic, and they have great aesthetics in their presentation. Plus Mr. Noda comes out at the end of every meal to make sure you enjoyed the meal. That's what I call service.

Best Cocktails

The super-refreshing shrimp cocktail at Taqueria Mexico. I like cocktails that go to my stomach, not to my brain! This one has orgasmic chunks of avocado and it's wonderfully onion-y.

Best Mom 'n' Pop

66 Malt Shop by Old Town

I have to say I'm a sucker for authenticity and they really do it up mom 'n' pop style. They've got the best blue cheese green chile burger in town and exquisitely tasty soda fountain treats.

Best Huevos Rancheros

Pueblo Harvest Café

They serve theirs with fry bread. The beans, chile and posole that come with it are all awesome, too.

Best Barbeque

Mr. Powdrell's

The meats are really tender and covered in a spicy, finger lickin' sauce. They've got the best selection of sides you can find. I like the fried okra and black eyed peas. Or there's always the classic french fries and potato salad.

Best New Mexican


Nobody does it better than Padilla's. The chile, red or green, is just the best in town. Their blue corn flat enchiladas are the staple of my New Mexican diet, and the fresh, hot, pillowy sopaillpillas come with the meal, not after (the right way). Any place where people line up to eat has got to have something worth waiting for. I'm never disappointed by Padilla's untouchable flavor.