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 Oct 27 - Nov 2, 2005 


Spooks in the Duke City

Here's a handy guide to some of the most infamous Albuquerque haunts. (Hold my hand. I'm scared!)

By Jennifer Wohletz

Church Street Café, 2111Church NW: Stuff yourself with the homemade chicharrones, then stick around—you may see the ghost of Sara Ruiz. This deceased proprietress was born way back in 1880, and she was known to be a local curandera, or healer. An unconventional woman for her time, she's reported to have spooked out the current owner, Marie Coleman, by screaming at contractors, kicking around equipment and showing up to scare the waitstaff. This is the kind of thing that you don't hear about at the golden arches.

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Protect Yourself from the Forces of Darkness

Folksy old-time New Mexican ghost deterrants

• All doors facing west should be painted "Virgin Mary blue" to prevent unwanted spirits from entering the house.

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This little side street chapel in Old Town is said to be haunted.


Ghost Tour!

Old Town boasts 300 years of haunted history

By Jessica Cassyle Carr

In the late 19th century, Lover's Lane, one of Old Town's charming alleyways, was the scene of a gruesome murder committed by the daughter of one of Albuquerque's prominent families, the Armijos. Engaged to a local Romeo, she caught her fiancé there with another lady. Because Lover's Lane was where everyone in town went to smooch, the Armijo lady was more than just heartbroken—she was humiliated. In a rage, she grabbed a hatchet (some think it was a garden hoe, but that isn't as scary) and allegedly dismembered her cheating man. They say the other lady got away.

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Horror Dare

Spend the night in a haunted motel room

By Laura Marrich

It was not a dark and stormy night, though Central was shiny and wet from an afternoon shower. The moon was full. I could see its reflection as I drove past watery brown potholes in the road.

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Jeremiah Mumbower, our beloved janitor, after a sleepless (and probably spooky) night cleaning the offices of the   Alibi


The Alibi's Ghost Upstairs

Our janitor describes phantom activities at Alibi headquarters

By Steven Robert Allen

In the spring of 2003, the Alibi moved from a cramped, dumpy compound in Nob Hill to a sleek and spacious office Downtown. The new building's previous tenant was the law firm Will Ferguson and Associates. We inherited our current cleaning wizard, Jeremiah Mumbower, from Will Ferguson. He's been cleaning the place since 1999.

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