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 Nov 30 - Dec 6, 2006 


The Hokey Jokey Issue

Good jokes, bad jokes and jokes that barely make any sense at all (yes, we think we’re hilarious!)

By Steven Robert Allen

This sad, violent, pestilent world of ours would be absolutely unbearable if we didn’t make lots and lots of jokes about it. With this in mind, we at the Alibi came up with the hiiiiillllaaaarrrriiiiooouuusss idea to brighten up this holiday season with an issue devoted to the fine art of joke telling. We got lots of people from the community to share their favorite jokes with us. We also asked several experts to discuss the various philosophies, strategies and risks associated with humor, so that even if you don’t laugh your buns off at these jokes, at least you’ll get an education.

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Feeling Anxious?

The philosophical implications of joking around

By Iain Thomson

Editor’s Note: We asked UNM’s Philosophy Department if a professor would be interested in commenting on the philosophical implications of humor--why people try to get others to laugh, the purpose of laughter, strategies for getting people to laugh, etc. Prof. Iain Thomson was kind enough to humor us.

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How to Tell a Joke

... Or, Stop Torturing Your Friends, You Moron

By Mark Chavez

So you want to tell a joke, do ya? But you just don’t have the chops. Instead of heartfelt belly laughs, your punch lines receive responses like, “Oh … I think I get it,” “Is that the end?” or “Why have you done this to me and my family? Leave my house.”

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The Bomb

Flailing your way out of a failed joke

By Jessica Cassyle Carr

Nothing is as uniquely ego-wounding and embarrassing as the awkward silence following a bad joke.

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