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 Apr 18 - 24, 2013 
Tesla Model S vs. Status Quo
Jon Sanchez


How to Survive an Apocalypse

By Carl Petersen
The end of the world is closer than you think. Even assuming it’s not brought on by a zombie plague or alien invasion, Earth's finite cache of natural resources are drizzling down to the last few drops after a century of wanton gluttony. If the apocalypse happened tomorrow, could you survive? Could you produce your own food, shelter, water and energy? Now's a good time to start thinking about it.


Greening Burque

A map of local, sustainable living resources

By Mark Lopez

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Andrew Stone


Tesla Model S vs. Status Quo

Luxury green machines and the trickle-down effect

By Gregory J. Pleshaw
In April of 2009, Stone received a Tweet from the Tesla company solicitng orders for its latest model, the Tesla Model S, a sleek, high-end luxury zero-emissions electric car that retails around $69,000 for a basic model, to over $105,000 for a totally tricked-out version. The deposit required for this high-end hot rod was no less than $5,000 but Stone immediately clicked in his order. By the time he logged into PayPal to plunk down five Gs for the deposit, the Tweet was less than an hour old—and Stone was buyer #217.
El Pinto restaurant uses the bokashi composting method on a large scale.
Julie Kois


Fast Track Your Compost

The bokashi method turns food scraps to fertilizer in a matter of weeks

By Christina Hartsock

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Breaking Code

Activists take on regulators

By Barron Jones

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Ed O’Donnell and his trusty veggie oil-powered Rabbit
Eric Williams


What Fuels Ed O’Donnell

Talking veggie fuel, wind power and off-the-grid living

By Geoffrey Plant

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Flash in the Pan

Foodie Heresy

“Green” doesn’t have to mean “local”

By Ari LeVaux

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