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 Apr 7 - 13, 2016 

Best of Burque 2016

By Renee Chavez
Congratulations to the winners, sympathies to the losers, and a massive thank you to our readers who showed up online in record-breaking numbers this year to share their opinions about who the best really are. The votes have been cast, the people have spoken.

BOB: Life in Burque

By Joshua Lee & Megan Reneau
All the bests for residents: Politics, Money, Media, Best Road to Confuse Out-of-Town Drivers, Best Place to Spend a Wad of Singles, Best Neon Sign, Best Parking Lot to Make You Lose All Faith in Humanity, Best Place to Read a Complete Novel While Waiting in Line and Best Place to Find Peace of Mind, among others.
Illo by Tamara Sutton

BOB: Night Life

By August March & Devin O’Leary
Best bars of various stripes, Best beverages to imbibe and other Besties of the after-dark variety.
Illo by Rob M

BOB: Arts

By Megan Reneau & Courtney Foster
The Best in theatre, visual arts and words both spoken and written.
Illo by Brie MacQuarrie

BOB: Music

By August March
The Best places to buy tunes and listen to live music, plus some of the Best performers in Albuquerque.
Illo by Rob M

BOB: Local Flavor

By Desiree Garcia
The Best stuff that makes Burque Burque.
Illo by Rob M

BOB: Kiddos

By Taylor Grabowsky
Best Summer Camp, Best Place to Take Kids, Best Story Time, Best Kid’s Haircut and bunch of other things Best for your (or someone else’s) kids.
Illo by Tamara Sutton

BOB: Pets

By Taylor Grabowsky
Best Nonprofit for Animals, Best Nonprofit for Animals, Best Pet Shop, Best Pet Grooming, Best Woof and Best Meow.
Illo by Rob M

BOB: Goods

By Courtney Foster & Geoffrey Plant
The most economically stimulating Bests of Albuquerque's merchant class, including Best Used Book Store, Best Vintage Clothing Store, Best Antique Store, Best Skate Shop and (of course) Best Adult Toy Store.
Illo by Brie MacQuarrie

BOB: Services

By Renee Chavez, Peter Karlsen & Blythe Crawford
The Best of Burque's highly trained professionals and fabulous establishments. Yes, that includes both Best Dentist and Best Medical Cannabis Dispensary!

BOB: Best Anything We Forgot

BOB: Best Category We Forgot

By Our Readers
Winners and Honorable Mentions
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