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 V.14 No.43 | October 27 - November 2, 2005 

Week in Sloth

The Week in Sloth

Thursday 27

“Everybody Hates Chris” (KASY-50 7 p.m.) And Chris, apparently, hates Halloween. Especially when he's forced to chaperone his little brother and sister.

Friday 28

“I Shouldn't Be Alive!” (Discovery 7 p.m.) Well, not with that attitude, you shouldn't. Discovery's newest series documents people who have survived horrifying experiences, such as--in tonight's premiere--a shark attack.

“The Secret Life of Vampires” (A&E 7 p.m.) This historical documentary explores more than 100 years of the vampire's impact on pop culture.

“Movies That Shook the World: The Exorcist” (AMC 8 p.m.) Unfortunately, this documentary is accompanied by Exorcist II: The Heretic (5:30 p.m.) and The Exorcist III (8:30 p.m.) and not the original film. But, yes, The Exorcist is a great movie. You might want to go out and rent it.

Saturday 29

Cerberus (Sci-Fi Channel 7 p.m.) Ever wonder what happened to Greg Evigan from “My Two Dads”? Apparently, he's now a terrorist who's accidentally woken up Cerberus, the legendary hound of hell. ... Well, it beats a “B.J. and the Bear” reunion.

“Rod Serling: Submitted for Your Approval” (KNME-5 9 p.m.) Friends, family members and colleagues look back at the creativity and ambition of the man behind “The Twilight Zone.”

Sunday 30

Thralls (Spike 6 p.m.) Lorenzo Lamas (Ha, ha, ha .... sorry) stars as a vampire living in Iowa (Ha, ha, ha ... there I go again) who keeps six hot “half-vampire” babes chained up in his attic. Why? Well, wouldn't you?

“Possessed Possessions” (TLC 7 p.m.) It's like “Antiques Roadshow” except all the items are allegedly cursed, haunted or otherwise imbued with powers straight out of the “Friday the 13th” TV series.

“The Simpsons” (KASA-2 7 p.m.) Can you believe this is the XVth “Treehouse of Horror” episode? And it's actually airing before Halloween. And it's not the season premiere.

Vampire Bats (KRQE-13 8 p.m.) Lucy Lawless returns in this sequel to CBS' dumb fun monster movie Locusts. This time, Lucy and co. are battling ... well, I think you can figure it out. The scariest part is that cast and crew were forced to abandon New Orleans during the hurricane.

“But Can They Sing?” (VH1 8 p.m.) This gets my vote for the scariest show of the week. This “Dancing With the Stars” rip-off features such notable celebrities as Myrka Dellanos, Carmine Gotti Agnello, Michael Copon and ... wait. Who the hell are these people?

Monday 31

See “Idiot Box.”

Tuesday 1

“Rodney” (KOAT-7 7:30 p.m.) Rodney invites a special guest (Ignacio Serricchio) home to celebrate Halloween. As usual, Rodney is a day late and a dollar short.

Wednesday 2

“That '70s Show” (KASA-2 7 p.m.) The final “'70s Show” season kicks off with Jackie trying to win Hyde back. This one needs to be put out of its misery before we wind up with a spin-off called “That Crazy Fez.”

Today's Events

Little Shop of Horrors at Rio Bravo Brewing Company


A clumsy young man nurtures a plant and discovers that it's carnivorous, forcing him to kill to feed it.

NM Italian Film and Culture Festival at Hiland Theater

Tomorrow's Events

Excluidas del ParaĆ­so at National Hispanic Cultural Center

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