Alibi V.16 No.39 • Sept 27-Oct 3, 2007 

Reel World

2007 Southwest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Schedule

Reel World

Fri, Sept. 28

7 pm The Bubble Guild Cinema
7 pm Outing Riley UA DeVargas 6
9 pm Opening Night Party TBA
9:30 pm Two Sides of the Bed UA DeVargas 6
9:45 pm A Four Letter Word Guild Cinema

Sat, Sept. 29
12:30 pm Trained in the Ways of Men UA DeVargas 6
1 pm In Sickness and In Health Guild Cinema
1 pm Two Homelands: Cuba and the Night SWFC
2:45 pm Vivere UA DeVargas 6
3 pm Another Woman Guild Cinema
3 pm Red Without Blue SWFC
4:45 pm Spider Lillies UA DeVargas 6
5 pm Finn's Girl SWFC
5:15 pm A Four Letter Word Guild Cinema
7 pm Glue SWFC
7 pm Holding Trevor UA DeVargas 6
7 pm Save Me KiMo Theater
7:15 pm Triple X Selects: The Best of Lezsploitation Guild Cinema
9 pm Save Me After Party The District
9:15 pm No Regret SWFC
9:15 pm The Witnesses UA DeVargas 6
9:30 pm DarkBlueAlmostBlack Guild Cinema
12 am Xanadu Guild Cinema

Sun, Sept. 30
10:30 am Queer Brunch Zinc Bistro
12:15 pm The Kiss UA DeVargas 6
1 pm We're All Angels SWFC
1 pm Youth Shorts Guild Cinema
2 pm Girls Shorts UA DeVargas 6
2:45 pm Foreign Bodies Guild Cinema
3 pm Water Flowing Together SWFC
4 pm Women of the World UA DeVargas 6
4:45 pm Bears Guild Cinema
4:45 pm Shelter Me SWFC
6 pm Dare to be Bear Sidewinders
6:30 pm Nina's Heavenly Delights UA DeVargas 6
6:45 pm Two Sides of the Bed Guild Cinema
7 pm Outing Riley SWFC
8:45 pm Tick Tock Lullaby UA DeVargas 6
9 pm Holding Trevor Guild Cinema
9 pm Surveillance SWFC

Mon, Oct. 1

5 pm Vivere Guild Cinema
7 pm Where the Boys Are Guild Cinema
9:15 pm The Witnesses Guild Cinema

Tue, Oct. 2

5 pm Women of the World Guild Cinema
7:15 pm Girls Shorts Guild Cinema
9:15 pm Nina's Heavenly Delights Guild Cinema

Wed, Oct. 3

5 pm Tick Tock Lullaby Guild Cinema
6:45 pm The Picture of Dorian Gray Guild Cinema
7:30 pm Itty Bitty Titty Committee UA Highridge
8 pm Itty Bitty Titty After Party Martini Grille
9 pm DarkBlueAlmostBlack Guild Cinema

Thu, Oct. 4

5 pm Spider Lillies Guild Cinema
7:30 pm Shelter Guild Cinema
9 pm Closing Night Party Laru Ni Hati

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