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Horror Bites Burque

“The Last Norwegian Troll,” part of Horror Bites
“The Last Norwegian Troll,” part of Horror Bites

On a scale of 1 to 10, how scared are you right now? How would you like to up that number significantly? If you like the thrill of a good haunted house or the adrenaline rush that comes from the sound of a revving chain saw, you need to keep an eye out for the upcoming Dark Matters Film Festival. The festival is a newly formed showcase for horror, dark fantasy and weird science fiction films right here in New Mexico. The showcase is expected to launch in late-April/early-March 2013. Organizers are whetting appetites and quickening pulses, however, with a fundraising teaser event on Saturday, June 30.

The event, titled Dark Matters Presents: Horror Bites, will take place at Guild Cinema in Nob Hill. Programmers have culled some 30 short, sharp shockers from around the globe to get us in the mood. There are films from Iceland, Spain, Colombia, England, Canada, New Zealand—and even right here in New Mexico.

Left to fester in the hot New Mexico sun, the films have naturally congealed into themed programming blocks. “Ghost Protocol” (2 p.m.) shines a light on five eerie shorts about the recently (or not so recently) deceased. “Thrill! Kill! Cult!” (4 p.m.) startles viewers with seven blood-soaked thrillers. “(No) Laughing Matter” (6 p.m.) offers up seven blackly humorous shorts. The day-long event fades to black with “W Is for Weird” (8 p.m.), a 10-film lineup of creepy fairy tales, bizarre animated fantasies and even a musical number or two.

Individual blocks cost $8 apiece. But you can also pick up an all-day pass, which will get you into all four programming blocks, for a mere $15. Go, get scared and let organizers know what you want to see in your local horror film festival. To check out the full Horror Bites lineup (including pictures, descriptions, trailers and more), go to If you want updates on the festival, be sure and like it on Facebook.