Alibi V.13 No.42 • Oct 14-20, 2004 
Reel World

Reel World

Outdoor Activism—A new documentary titled Monumental: David Brower's Fight for Wild America will open Oct. 15-17 at the Center for Contemporary Arts Cinematheque in Santa Fe. The film profiles legendary environmentalist David Brower, who is credited with halting construction of dams in the Grand Canyon and helped establish both Redwood National Park and Point Reyes National Seashore. On Friday, Oct. 15, director Kelly Duane and former Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall, who worked under LBJ and JFK, will be in attendance at the film's premiere. Immediately following the film will be a post-screening party in honor of Udall. For complete information on times and tickets, call CCA Cinematheque at (505) 982-1338

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Film Review

Shall We Dance?

Dance movie remake generates less steam than a “Solid Gold” reunion.

The spectacle of new films chewing ravenously on the entrails of old (and, in this case, not so old) movies should no longer come as a surprise to American audiences. Still, I cannot help but balk at the molded plasticity of films of such low ambition as Shall We Dance?

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Film Review

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

Eye-popping sequel is an incredible visual thesis

The 1995 anime film Ghost in the Shell casts a long shadow in pop culture. Its violent futureworld of downloadable consciousness, urban blight and invasive biotechnology provided a crazy quilt of science fiction textures for later creators to swipe and rework. The Matrix is only the most obvious example of its pervasive influence.

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Week in Sloth

The Week in Sloth

Thursday 14

“Superweapons of the Ancient World” (Discovery 9 p.m.) Modern-day builders recreate an ancient Roman “tortoise” ram and then try to use it to smash down a recreation of a stone fortification. Who says history is boring?

Friday 15

Thoughtcrimes (USA 7 p.m.) A seemingly schizophrenic woman (Navi Rawat, “The O.C.”) is recruited by a mysterious (and most likely evil) government researcher (Peter Horton, “thirtysomething”), who is convinced she has telepathic powers. Jan de Bont (Speed, Twister) produced this made-for-TV thriller.

Saturday 16

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Idiot Box

Gender Bender

“He's a Lady” on TBS

Future TV historians, debating cultural “jump the shark” moments, may very well conclude that reality TV most likely burned out as a genre right around the time FOX broadcast “The Littlest Groom.” Just because reality TV ran out of ideas several seasons ago doesn't mean that the genre is showing any signs of slacking off. Networks are still scrambling to stuff their schedules with cheap-to-produce reality series, most of which demonstrate only the slightest variation on the theme: Witness NBC's “The Apprentice” vs. ABC's “The Benefactor” vs. FOX's “The Billionaire.”

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Freedom, Not Fear

No Borders: Social Struggles Across the USA

Engaging social and political interviews with organizations, individuals and musicians who share their histories regarding the social struggles in their cities.