Alibi V.14 No.7 • Feb 17-23, 2005 
Reel World

Reel World

Angry Film—Self-proclaimed “angry filmmaker” Kelley Baker will be at the Guild Cinema on Thursday, Feb. 17, to screen his latest DV feature Kicking Bird. Baker has toured the country for the last two years conducting filmmaking workshops, screening his films, giving guest lectures and otherwise preaching the gospel of nonHollywood cinema. In addition to his own work, he's served as a sound designer on films like Good Will Hunting, To Die For, Far from Heaven and more. Kicking Bird tells the story of a 17-year-old white trash kid who finds his only escape in running and the manipulative high school track coach who sees a use for our foot-pounding protagonist. The screening starts at 9 p.m. Tickets are $6 for everyone.

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Film Review


Comic book gets graphic in devilish horror flick

Given the evidence at hand, there's no discernible reason why Constantine should do anything other than suck quietly in its own forgotten little corner of the cineplex. It's based on a comic book, a genre of filmmaking that occasionally gives us memorable entertainment such as Spider-Man, but is far more likely to result in brain-rotting eye-candy like Catwoman and Elektra. It's a horror movie coming out in the middle of one of the worst strings of horror flicks Hollywood has ever inflicted upon us (White Noise, Hide and Seek, Alone in the Dark, Boogeyman). Finally, it stars Keanu Reeves, an actor for whom I normally reserve my most clever insults.

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Film Review

Son of the Mask

The Mask is back, and, baby, is it silly!

Some films just beg for a sequel (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Godfather, Star Wars). I'm not so sure The Mask is one of those movies. Although it raked in $119 million at the box office, it didn't make a particularly lasting impression on our culture. When you think about it, what did the film really have going for it? It had Cameron Diaz looking cute. It had Jim Carrey acting wacky in green makeup. But can you even recall the story? I can't and I get paid for this kinda stuff. ... So, 11 years after the fact, it's a little odd to be confronted with Son of the Mask.

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Idiot Box

Toy Story

“Robot Chicken” on Cartoon Network

Apparently, actor Seth Green (star of the Austin Powers movies, among others) is a big toy collector. At some point in his life, he met up with Matthew Senreich, a writer for “ToyFare” magazine. The two became fast friends and, over the course of one drunken evening (I'm only guessing at this point), they came up with the concept for a particularly warped sketch comedy cartoon called “Robot Chicken.” The folks at Cartoon Network, being drunken weirdoes themselves (again, only speculating), snapped at the idea and are now airing the amusingly bizarre results in their Adult Swim block.

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Week in Sloth

The Week in Sloth

Thursday 17

“Survivor: Palau” (KRQE-13 7 p.m.) In any other context, dumping 20 strangers on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean would be irresponsible and criminal. Capture it on videotape, however, and you've got a new season of reality TV.

Friday 18

“AKC National Agility Championship” (Animal Planet 9 p.m.) Ever sit at home on your sofa watching professional sports and start to realize how old and pathetic you are? Well, try watching dogs perform assorted feats of athletic prowess. If I could run through a tunnel and catch a Frisbee like these mutts, I wouldn't need to drive to the mailbox.

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New Mexico Entertainment's Morning Toons

Wear pajamas, bring a blanket and take part in this Saturday morning event with the family and friends and enjoy cartoons on the big screen. Have some breakfast and enjoy the toons.