Alibi V.14 No.28 • July 14-20, 2005 
Reel World

Reel World

Biker Flicks—The upcoming Duke City Shootout--a seven-day film festival designed to create seven on-the-fly short films right here in Albuquerque--is revving up with an early event. Christopher Coppola's Biker Bonanza will consist of a motorcycle caravan from Albuquerque to Roswell and back again. The caravan will be led by filmmaker/motorhead/Shootout guru Christopher Coppola. Organizers promise “beef pit BBQ & brew, surprise B-movie screenings & much more.” The ride will begin at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday, July 19, and will continue through July 20. Admission is $30 for one day or $50 for both days. Log on to for more information and to download a registration form.

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Film Review

March of the Penguins

Avian documentary gives audiences a warm feeling about an ice-cold climate

When it comes to making documentaries, you can never go wrong focussing your lens on either kids or animals. They're both gold.

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Film Review

Wedding Crashers

Like a Victoria's Secret gift certificate, Wilson and Vaughn's new comedy is both trashy and romantic

What would happen if you took a sophisticated Jane Austin comedy, made the main characters male, moved it from upscale Regency England to upscale modern-day Washington, D.C., substituted “getting it on with chicks” for “finding a suitable marriage partner” and replaced all the innuendo-filled dialogue with penis jokes? Well, you might end up with something a bit like Wedding Crashers.

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Idiot Box

Shore Thing

“Minding the Store” on TBS

I love Pauly Shore. Not as an actor or a comedian, mind you, but as a punch line. In my dozen or so years in the newspaper business, I've probably fallen back on the easy “Jury Duty” jab 50 or 60 times ... which is why I have to give Shore credit for trying to revive his career with a new reality show, “Minding the Store.”

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Week in Sloth

The Week in Sloth

Thursday 14

“Hooking Up” (KOAT-7 8 p.m.) ABC's new reality series has 12 women relating their assorted woes with the world of online dating. Apparently, it's really hard to find a date in New York City. And “Sex and the City” made it seem so simple.

Friday 15

“Battlestar Galactica” (Sci-Fi 8 p.m.) No offense to “Stargate: SG-1” and “Stargate: Atlantis,” both of which have proved very durable (and both of which have their season premieres before and after this show), but it's “Battlestar Galactica” that I'm all excited for tonight. Call me a big ol' geek, but Sci-Fi has turned this campy '70s TV series into a dark, gritty and totally absorbing space opera. Thanks for putting this season's premiere so close to last season's finale as well. I owe you one, Sci-Fi.

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New Mexico Entertainment's Morning Toons

Wear pajamas, bring a blanket and take part in this Saturday morning event with the family and friends and enjoy cartoons on the big screen. Have some breakfast and enjoy the toons.