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Lilya 4-ever

This dark, edgy call-to-arms is designed to expose audiences to the horrors of today's disposable youth culture. Set in the former Soviet Union, the film follows the glue-sniffing adventures of a teenage girl abandoned by her mother in a run-down Eastern European slum. Our heroine (the luminous Oksana Okinshina) befriends a homeless young boy and tries to form a makeshift family, but soon finds herself sliding into the world's oldest profession. As an examination of teenage prostitution, Lilya 4-ever is a brutal and topical exposé. Director Lukas Moodysson (Together) runs things with the utmost sympathy and makes it all but impossible to tear your eyes from the screen. Nonetheless, many viewers may find this journey just too harrowing. In Russian, Swedish, German and English with English subtitles. 109 minutes