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The Cremaster Cycle (1-5)

This collection of extremely avante-garde art films from New York darling Matthew Barney spans from 1995's Cremaster 4 to 2002's Cremaster 3. (The films were shot out of order and are largely unrelated.) Ranging in length from 40 minutes to 182 minutes, this five-film epic is impressive in scope, budget and sheer artistic effort. (Ursula Andress and Norman Mailer are among the unusual cameos.) Having sat through two hours of Cremaster 3, a mysterious, moody, wordless mix of Celtic mythology, Masonic symbolism, demolition derby and art deco architecture, I dare say there are five people in the whole of Albuquerque who could actually sit through the entire daunting cycle. If you're a rabid fan of abstract symbolism, you'll be in Heaven. If six-and-a-half hours of glacial confusion sounds painful to you, you're probably right.