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Shattered Glass

The Man Who Would be Vader, Hayden Christensen, shows considerable more acting heft than George Lucas has allowed him in this laser-like psychological profile of disgraced journalist Stephen Glass. In the late '90s it was revealed that the hotshot young New Republic writer fabricated more than half of his groundbreaking cover stories. Christensen plays Glass not as an egotistical liar, but as a self-effacing nerd eager to curry favor and earn his congratulatory pat on the head. Watching him clutch at the fraying strands of his life as his stories begin to fall apart is grimly funny and a bit chilling. This sharp, true-life thriller confronts us with an intriguing question: In a world where stodgy fact-filled journalism has fallen away in favor of "infotainment," is it all that easy to fault a guy like Glass for giving us readers what we're slavering for? 95 minutes