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A Dirty Shame

Auteur John Waters ( Pink Flamingoes, Hairspray ) returns to his sleazy roots with this controversial, gleefully perverse comedy about a Baltimore housewife (Tracey Ullman) who suffers from a head injury and becomes a sudden sex addict. Rounding out the cast are Chris Isaak (as Ullman's confused hubby), Selma Blair (sporting what could be the biggest set of prosthetic breasts ever seen by man) and Johnny Knoxville (as a kinky savior searching for a transcendental new sex act). Waters unleashes every outrageous sex joke he can think of (and that's a lot), but he's actually got a point here: The ultimate message calls for the rejection of right-wing prudes and their pointless anti-pleasure agenda. Can't we all just get it on? ... I mean "get along." ... No, I was right the first time. 88 minutes