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Cowards Bend the Knee

Cinematic madman Guy Maddin (Tales from the Gimli Hospital, The Saddest Music in the World) unchains another baffling bit of brilliance. This autobiographical (really?) romance (are you sure?) concerns a fellow named Guy Maddin, who happens to be the star of the Winnipeg Maroons hockey team. When his girlfriend is laid low by pregnancy, he takes her to a creepy beauty salon/abortion clinic where he falls in love with the owner's daughter, mid-procedure. Unfortunately, she won't let our hero touch her until he avenges her father's murder. Whew. There's a lot going on here, and I probably couldn't do justice to half of it. Calling Maddin "unique" is an understatement; the guy's off on his own plane of existence. Believe it or not, this deadpan slapstick melodrama (silent, like his previous Dracula, Pages from a Virgin's Diary) is actually one of his clearest and most concise filmic fever dreams. 64 minutes