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The Brown Bunny

The Brown Bunny does for driving what Gus Van Sant's Gerry did for walking. Writer/director/producer/actor/greasebag Vincent Gallo has followed up his unusual but original feature Buffalo '66 with this self-consciously unwatchable piece of art. This languidly paced (to put it mildly) experiment is a throwback to '60s art house cinema, when filming 20 minutes of a moth beating against a window screen was considered the pinnacle of "genius." Gallo plays a motorcycle racer who drives across the country in his van. He drives and drives and drives and drives. After an hour or so, he hooks up with his ex-wife (indie film gal Chloë Sevigny) and gets a (very real, very graphic) hummer. That's all folks. There are those who will admire the film's quiet "internal" qualities, but it's a select audience to be sure. This one's unrated for good reason. 93 minutes