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Notre Musique

French art-house legend Jean-Luc Godard (Breathless, Weekend, Hail Mary) is one of those directors you either get or ignore. His latest, highly philosophical cinematic puzzler is divided into three segments (Heaven, Hell and Purgatory), which, I guess, is supposed to mirror Dante's Divine Comedy. The film concerns (I think, anyway) two Jewish women who abstractedly discuss issues of Middle East peace and a filmmaker (played by Godard) who talks to a bunch of scholars and authors (playing themselves) at a literary conference in Sarajevo. Then there are the two Native Americans who float in and out and could be ghosts or something. It's all meant to be a dense montage about war and human suffering, and is recommended mostly for hardcore cinephiles. In English, Arabic, French, Hebrew, Serbo-Croatian and Spanish with English subtitles. 80 minutes