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Off the Map

This warm, offbeat drama, directed by actor Campbell Scott (and based on the stageplay by Joan Ackermann), has the makings of a perennial New Mexico fave about it. The flashback-driven story line gives us a grown woman (Amy Brenneman) recalling her "colorful" childhood in rural northern New Mexico. With a free-spirited mother (the never-less-than-great Joan Allen) and a clinically depressed father (Sam Elliot in a tight, against-type role), young Bo is forced to grow up a bit faster than most kids. Things become infinitely more complicated, however, when mom takes up with an out-of-his element IRS agent (Jim True-Frost) seduced by the magnificent vistas and the uninhibited post-hippie lifestyle. This quiet family drama is occasionally too low-key for its own good, but a great many New Mexicans will sympathize with its eclectic characters and gorgeous setting. 108 minutes PG-13.