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Gunner Palace

This refreshingly apolitical documentary traces the day-to-day lives of the Gunner Battalion, a group of average workaday soldiers stationed in wartorn Iraq. There's an amusing juxtaposition between their dangerous jobs (often patrolling the tense streets of Baghdad looking for Improvised Explosive Devices) and their unusual base of operations (one of Uday Hussein's opulent former pleasure palaces). Shots of young grunts diving into the luxurious pool are counterpointed by raids on suspected weapons manufacturers. After a while, with the film degenerating into a series of brief, polemic-free snapshots, you almost wish the filmmakers were pushing a more cohesive agenda. Still, it's nice to see an honest, on-the-ground perspective of life in Iraq, not overdibbed by politicians, newscasters or professional pundits. 85 minutes