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John Leguizamo stars in this Ecuadorian import as Manolo Bonillo, an egotistical Miami news reporter covering a story in South America about a prolific serial killer. While attending the funeral for one of the young victims, our protagonist spots a traveling salesman who accidentally runs over the brother of one of the victims. Bonillo rescues the man from mob justice (as soon as the cameras are properly rolling), and is soon presented with a unusual prospect: If Bonillo will help the salesman get out of jail (where he will surely be murdered by corrupt police), the frightened man will reveal information about the serial killer known as "The Monster of Babahoyo." The film starts as a brutal exposé of the lengths journalists will go to to manipulate a story. The central message gets blunted as it degenerates into your average serial killer thriller, but the fine cast helps keep things sharp. In Spanish with English subtitles. 108 minutes R.