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5x2 (Cinque Fois Deu)

Frenchy provocateur François Ozun (Swimming Pool, 8 Women, Water Drops on Burning Rocks) returns with this slightly tricky, but slightly slim portrait of a marriage in the process of disintegration. Over the course of the languorous film, he presents us with five different sequences, each taken from a different stage of the couple's marriage--much like Scenes from a Marriage. Just to be clever, the scenes are presented backwards, with the divorce hearing leading to their childbirth, their wedding and--ultimately--to their first meeting. Sitting through this chilly drama feels like watching a house burn down in slow motion. It's not for everybody, certainly not cheerful and a more than a tad predetermined, but the fine actors and subtle script load up on nuance. In French with English subtitles. 90 minutes R.