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Memory of a Killer

Although it freely cribs elements from Luc Besson's The Professional, John Woo's The Killer and Christopher Nolan's Memento, this lean, muscular Belgian thriller feels fresh and exciting. Aging tough guy Jan Declair plays a hitman who's just been hired to assassinate a blackmailer in Belgium. Of course, like all cinematic hitmen, he wants to call it quits. But he's got a good excuse--he's fighting off the rapidly advancing signs of Alzheimer's. Our anti-hero finds even more reason to retire when his next target turns out to be a 12-year-old witness in a child prostitution ring. It's then that our man decides it's time to shoot his way to the top. But can he complete his mission before his memory gives out? Catch this punchy thriller now before the Americans remake it. In Dutch and French with English subtitles. 120 minutes