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This hip-hop version of The Great Gatsby ... Lemme say that again in case you missed it: This hip-hop version of The Great Gatsby is set in the Hamptons where rap mogul Summer G (Richard T. Jones) engages in a love triangle with his college squeeze Sky (Chenoa Maxwell) and her new husband, the rich cad Chip Hightower (Blair Underwood). Hilarious character names aside, it's hard to figure out whom this film is aimed at. Young rap lovers certainly won't take to this snooty, slow-smoldering soap opera. Fans of the original novel aren't going to appreciate the tinkering. African American audiences looking for adult entertainment might find a few things to like amid the highly mixed results, however. And, just so you know, the film is produced by and co-stars the son of Ralph Lauren, ensuring plenty of product placement. 97 minutes R.