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Breakfast on Pluto

Neil Jordan (director of The Crying Game) continues his fascination with transvestites and Irish politics. Here, he relates the story of Patrick "Kitten" Brady (Cillian Murphy, Batman Begins), an androgynous Irish orphan who endures assorted Dickensian adventures (it even unfolds in 36 "chapters") before moving to London in the early '70s and being reborn as a cross-dressing cabaret singer. Murphy, well on his way to stardom, plays Kitten as the ultimate optimist, a cheerful, self-assured oddball who just wants to be accepted for his own fabulous self. Along the road of life, Kitten is mistaken for an IRA terrorist, joins a glam rock band, works with a seedy magician and is even reduced to street prostitution. Despite the horrible things that happen to him, he gets by on his unflappable spirit and the kindness of strangers (among them Stephen Rea, Liam Neeson and Brendan Gleeson). The story gets a bit long-winded in the translation (it's based on the book by The Butcher Boy author Patrick McCabe), but Jordan outdoes himself in the visual department, creating a rich, pop culture-littered quest for understanding in a crazy-ass world. 135 minutes R.