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Sketches of Frank Gehry

Filmmaker Sydney Pollack (Out of Africa, Tootsie) breaks out his DV camera and constructs this deeply personal portrait of his pal, renowned architect Frank Gehry. The film uses Frank's minimal, abstract sketches as the jumping off point for a look inside the mind of the down-to-earth artist whose visions have transformed modern architecture. Michael Eisner, Bob Geldof and Dennis Hopper are among those weighing in on Gehry's occasionally controversial skills. What's most interesting, though, is how the film shows its seams. Not only does it depict Gehry at work, but it depicts Pollack behind the camera filming Gehry. The result is an incredibly casual and, at the same time, intimate piece of filmmaking--more of a casual chat between friends than a formal documentary. As much about art as it is about architecture. 83 minutes PG-13.