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The future will be exactly like the present, only rotoscoped.

A Scanner Darkly

Adapting the books and short stories of Philip K. Dick is no easy task. Blade Runner is about the only good one and it has very little to do with Dick's original novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Nonetheless, Richard Linklater (Slacker, Dazed and Confused, Before Sunset) tries to infuse as much Dickian weirdness, paranoia and drug references as possible into this bleak, dreamlike animated feature. Keanu Reeves stars as either a drug addict living in near-future California or a high-tech undercover narcotics agent spying on the addict (or both, maybe). It's all a little hard to work out, because the film revels in the confusing and obscure. Still, the unusual rotoscope animation is very cool, and the entire exercise appropriately psychedelic. Winona Ryder, Robert Downey Jr. and Woody Harrelson are also in there (in animated form). See also: I Like to Watch (Instantly): Moon, A Scanner Darkly (08/30/2010). 100 minutes R.