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Peter O'Toole (75 and counting) is nicely typecast as an aging actor and non-quite-reformed ladies man who finds himself smitten with his septuagenarian drinking pal's 19-year-old caretaker (newcomer Jodie Whittaker). She's a provincial layabout with a foul mouth and he's a charming, cultured dirty old man. Though the film could have easily come off as a twee English modification of Harold and Maude, it's smart enough to understand the many cute-'n'-uncomfortable aspects of its May-December romance (which, to be perfectly honest, is never even consummated). In any other hands, it might have been just another easy-to-dismiss bit of British whimsy. O'Toole's bittersweet performance lends this comedy/drama an air of gravity, however. 95 minutes R.