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The Widow of Saint-Pierre (La Veuve de Saint Pierre)

The Widow of Saint-Pierre

Set in the year 1850 on a remote French island off the coast of Newfoundland, this emotionally charged romantic epic tells the story of an immediately remorseful killer (Emir Kusturica) who murders another man during a drunken altercation. With neither a guillotine nor an executioner at his disposal, the local French military commandant (Daniel Auteuil) is obliged to take custody of the prisoner until a guillotine can be shipped in from overseas. The commandant's wife (Juliette Binoche), a beautiful and compassionate woman, comes to question the death penalty and believes that the condemned man should live out his remaining time in a productive and redeeming manner. She takes him under his wing, and soon the noble prisoner becomes a respected and indispensable member of his community. ... Of course, that guillotine is still on its way. In French with English subtitles. See also: I Like to Watch (Instantly): The Girl on the Bridge, The Widow of Saint-Pierre (11/24/2010). 108 minutes