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The Host (2007)

What with all the torture-porn taking over American cineplexes (Saw, Hostel, Touristas, The Passion of the Christ), it's hard to remember what it was like to have fun watching a horror movie. Thankfully, this honest-to-god monster movie out of South Korea is stuffed to the gills with humor, scares, emotions, thrills and a dash of blood. Seems there's some sort of humongous man-eating tadpole that has crawled out of Seoul's polluted Han River and is devouring people like popcorn. When their youngest daughter is monster-napped, the sad-sack screwups of the Park family must unite as one big dysfunctional family to come to her rescue. Imagine Little Miss Sunshine crossed with Godzilla and you'll have some idea what this ride is gonna be like. In English and Korean with English subtitles. 119 minutes R.