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A Cavalcade of Kung Fu II: Shaolin Smackdown

It's a triple shot of classic kung fu films, straight out of Hong Kong! This time around, Cavalcade of Kung Fu settles the age-old arguement: Who would win in a fight--Chinese Shaolin or Japanese ninja? First up is 1979's Shaolin Challenges Ninja (also known as Heroes of the East) with Gordon Liu (36 th Chamber of Shaolin, Kill Bill) as a Chinese martial artist who marries a Japanese ninja gal. Talk about your domestic violence! Next is 1982's insane Duel to the Death in which a noble Chinese swordsman joins forces with his Japanese rival to battle gigantic, naked, flying, exploding ninjas! The night wraps up with 1980's Fists of the White Lotus. Gordon Liu returns as a rebellious Shaolin student going head-to-head with the legendary White Eyebrow Priest Pai Mei, (played by martial arts king Lo Lieh (Five Deadly Venoms).