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Worst Film Festival Ever

Alibi and the Guild Cinema present a two-day festival of atrocious cinema, scraping together the absolute worst stuff we could find moldering at the bottom of the film vault. Why? Because we love bad movies! Among this year's selection of Z-grade cinema is the 1937 anti-pot propaganda flick Marijuana: Assassin of Youth, a brand-new 35mm print of the 1957 monster movie The Giant Claw, the infamous 1966 horror western Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter, the insane 1951 Italian fantasy flick Seven Dwarves Rescue Snow White, 1953's unbelievably chintzy Robot Monster (shown in the miracle of "Not-Quite-3D®") and Ed Wood's nutty cross-dressing drama Glen or Glenda. Plus, at 10 p.m. on both nights, Albuquerque's own Mother Road Theater Company will be on hand performing a live comic redubbing of the ridiculous 1968 jungle saga King of Kong Island! Log on to for a complete schedule. Festival passes are on sale now for a mere $15 at Burning Paradise (800 Central SW) and Guild Cinema (3405 Central NE).