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The Center of the World

For those who like their sex arty or their art sexy, director Wayne Wang (The Joy Luck Club, Chan is Missing, Eat of Bowl of Tea) has created a Last Tango in Paris for the Internet age. Peter Sarsgaard (Boys Don't Cry) is a rich, bored and very lonely dot-com exec who meets a pretty young stripper (Molly Parker, Sunshine) in a coffee shop. He offers her $10,000 to come with him to Las Vegas for three days. She agrees, under a long list of stipulations. From the hours of 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., they engage is a series of erotic but rather artificial sex games. The rest of their time is taken up by sightseeing, videogames and other "normal" behaviour. Obviously, these two have a connection. But will the emotions they begin to feel for each other be compromised by their "business" arrangement? And, in a world ruled by artifice, can these two actually tell what "real" feelings are? Viewers will either find this provocative or pretentious, but Wang and frequent collaborator Paul Auster (Smoke, Blue in the Face) have created some painfuly real characters and a thought-provoking rumination on today's quick-buck, fast-food, instant-gratification consumer culture. 86 minutes