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10 Canoes

This comic, dramatic, adventurous story-within-a-story is told entirely from the perspective of Australia's aboriginal people. Minygululu (Peter Minygululu) is leading a group of men upriver for a goose-egg hunt in the crocodile-infested Arafura Wetlands of Australia’s Northern Territory. Minygululu has noticed that the youngest of the party, Dayindi (Jamie Gulpilil), has his eye on the third of Minygululu’s wives. As this is a potential breach of tribal law, Minygululu tells Dayindi a story of his own ancestors, a cautionary myth about a young man, Yeeralparil (also Gulpilil) who desires one of the wives of his older brother Ridjimiraril (Crusoe Kurddal). In Mandalpingu and other Aboriginal languages with English Subtitles. 90 minutes