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Strange Culture

This shocking, unconventional documentary attempts to recreate the circumstances surrounding the controversial arrest of artist and college professor Steve Kurtz. In 2004, Kurtz was preparing an exhibition on genetically modified food for the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. Part of the exhibit concerned the usage of bacteria and other harmless biological specimens. A few days prior to the exhibition, Kurtz' wife died of heart failure. Paramedics responding to the emergency noticed vials labeled "bacteria." FBI agents descended on the home and Kurtz was soon detained as a bioterrorist. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Kurtz is still being tried on a host of trumped-up charges. Thomas Jay Ryan (Henry Fool) and Tilda Swinton (The Chronicles of Narnia) appear in dramatized versions of the events, filling in the gaps that Kurtz--thanks to the ongoing case--is unable to comment on. 75 minutes