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The Closet

A boring accountant (Daniel Autiel) working at a condom factory in Paris finds out he's going to be fired. A wise neighbor, however, comes up with a wacky French solution. All our protagonist has to do is pretend to be gay--then everyone will think he's so interesting, they'll never fire him. Hijinks ensue. Although the pretense is preposterous, the humor is actually fairly well-handled, with a minimum of farce and a clever point or two to make about today's overly PC behavior. The cast (including Gérard Depardieu as a macho homophobe) is far better than the material, lifting this one above the typical "pretending to be gay/pretending not to be gay" flick (i.e. Two to Tango/The Birdcage). Virtually all of writer/director Francis Veber's comedies have been remade in America (Birds of a Feather, The Toy, Buddy Buddy, The Tall Blonde Man With One Black Shoe, Partners, Three Fugitives, My Father the Hero, Father's Day, The Dinner Game). All of them were a hell of a lot funnier in French. In French with English subtitles. 115 minutes