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TromaDance New Mexico 2007

This fourth outing for TromaDance NM will feature gala nightly screenings of Troma's gross-out new horror comedy Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead. That's one hell of an intro to the rest of the fest, which spotlights all sorts of low-to-no-budget genre films from New Mexico and around the world. There are five blocks of short films and eight features, including Necroville, Gimme Skelter, Faithful & The Foul, Land of Entrapment, Vampira: The Movie, Teen Ape Goes to Camp, Dark Side of the Moonshine and, of course, Poultrygeist. Troma president Lloyd Kaufman (director of Poultrygeist and other classics like The Toxic Avenger) will be on hand to witness the madness. Log on to for a complete schedule.