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Director Kiyoshi Kurosawa has epitomized the cutting edge of Japanese cinema for more than a decade. However, few in the western world have had the pleasure of witnessing one of Kurosawa's twisted genre outings. This 1997 film is considered Kurosawa's first masterpiece. It is a dark, unsettling stroll into serial killer territory. Seems a string of shocking murders in plaguing Tokyo. Each ritualistic killing is performed by a different person. Each killer readily admits his or her guilt, but can't seem recall why they committed such henious acts. An intrepid police detective and a psychologist friend are puzzled at the similarity in all the murders. What is the connection? Eventually, an enigmatic drifter wanders on to the scene. Though he suffers from complete and total amnesia, he seems to be the key to these random killings. Shot shortly after the Aum Shinri Kyo cult killings in Tokyo, the film is a chilling condemnation of societal violence. The ending brings up far more questions than it answers, which may frustrate some viewers. Still, this ice-cold horror thriller grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go. Think Se7en as directed by David Cronenberg and you're halfway there. 115 minutes