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Easy A

Emma Stone (an actress whom I am prepared to like very much) stars in this savvy, thoughtful (and quite funny) teen comedy. She plays Olive, a smart high-schooler who dreams of living in a John Hughes movie and is stuck in a bad remake of The Scarlet Letter (but not the Demi Moore version, she likes to point out). In an effort to impress her best gal-pal, Olive makes up a lie about losing her virginity. In today's iPhone era, the rumor spreads like wildfire, and Olive is soon branded the school tramp. Instead of fighting the accusations, she decides to embrace them, milking her newfound infamy for all its bad-girl glory. Naturally, things go very wrong. The film is occasionally too self-conscious, winking at its bibliography a bit too much (Sixteen Candles montages, a Say Anything... tribute). But Stone is just superb. 92 minutes PG-13.