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Best Worst Movie

Back in 1989, a young boy by the name of Michael Stephenson landed the lead role in a film called Troll 2. He thought it would be his ticket to Hollywood. Instead, it became his ticket to infamy. With Troll 2 branded one of the worst movies ever made, Stephenson all but disappeared from the acting profession. Twenty years later, though, Troll 2 become the campy object of much cult adulation. Inspired by its new life as "the best worst movie," the film's star returned to direct this hilarious documentary. Stephenson traces the film's inevitable road to ruin and hunts down his old co-stars. Chief among them is George Hardy, a charismatic small-town dentist whose acting career was birthed and killed by Troll 2. His enthusiasm renewed by the interest in the film, George becomes its biggest cheerleader. The result is a funny and surprisingly emotional lesson in fame. And monsters. See also: An actor learns to love his scary debut by Devin D. O’Leary (1/21/2010). 93 minutes Unrated.