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“Check it out, bro. It’s those cute twin girls from   The Shining.  ”


Clint Eastwood directs this mature, thoughtful, rather languid rumination on life and death. In this Babel-inspired tapestry of story threads, we get a lonely orphan in England (Frankie McLaren), a journalist with a near-death experience in France (Cécile de France from High Tension) and a shell-shocked, ghost-whispering psychic in San Francisco (Matt Damon). The script (by The Queen scribe Peter Morgan) is intelligent but takes forever getting these three storylines to converge. Like Babel, Crash and Syriana before it, Hereafter may end up being one of those highly regarded, widely celebrated Oscar winners that everybody finds too boring to actually sit through. FULL REVIEW: Clint Eastwood’s new film isn’t dead, just resting by Devin D. O’Leary (10/21/2010). 129 minutes PG-13.