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“Now it’s time to discuss your benefits package.”

The Housemaid

Im Sang-Soo directs this remake of Kim Ki-Young's well-regarded 1960 psychosexual thriller. It concerns a naive woman who lands a job as a maid and nanny for a wealthy young couple. Soon, hubby is putting the moves on our innocent young maid, leading to all sorts of erotic action. Actually, Im keeps the whole affair rather low key. The sex is blunt, but hardly pervasive. And it isn't until an hour in—when our philandering hubby's mother-in-law tries to leverage family secrets to her own advantage—that we see our first glimpse of possible thrills. Melodramatic though it might be, the film is gorgeously shot. If only the filmmaker had dug beneath the glossy surface to find more grime in which to wallow. In Korean with English subtitles. FULL REVIEW: South Korean melodrama gets dirty, but not dirty enough by Devin D. O’Leary (2/24/2011). 106 minutes Unrated.