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“Now, lemme just show you these fine flooring samples.”

The Adjustment Bureau

In this takeoff on a little-known short story Phillip K. Dick wrote back in 1954, Matt Damon plays a senatorial hopeful who meets and falls in love with a beguiling ballet dancer (Emily Blunt). Unfortunately, he wasn't supposed to cross paths with her. Now, the forces of fate—embodied by a bunch of dudes in 1950s suits and hats—must use all the manipulative powers at their command to end this relationship. It's an odd mix of speculative science fiction and romance, but it mostly works. Think the glossy, well-dressed urban look of Inception crossed with the backstory nobody remembers from Wanted. FULL REVIEW: Sci-fi romance fights the odds to find love by Devin D. O’Leary (3/3/2011). 106 minutes PG-13.