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lion with cub

The Last Lions

Famed nature documentarians Dereck and Beverly Joubert submit this raw, dramatic look at life and death in the wild. The story follows a widowed (if that's the right word) lioness who braves crocodile-infested rivers, feline rivals and some nasty prey animals to protect her three cubs. Jeremy Irons narrates, piling on the purple prose. There's every attempt to turn this into a melodramatic, highly anthropomorphized narrative about a single mother fighting the odds to raise her family. Despite such Hollywood touches, this is one of the most emotional nature films you're likely to encounter. No cute 'n' fuzzy penguins here. people. This is nature at its cruelest and most brutal. FULL REVIEW: March goes out like a lion with National Geographic’s hard-hitting nature documentary by Devin D. O’Leary (3/24/2011). 88 minutes PG.