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Another Earth

This no-budget, independent sci-fi puzzler features a contemplative script and a couple of strong central performances. Co-writer Brit Marling is a smart teenager who makes a dumb decision, causing an alcohol-fueled car accident on her graduation night. Four years later, she gets out of jail and tries to make amends with the man (William Mapother) whom she turned into a widow. Complicating matters (sort of) is the fact that a second Earth has suddenly appeared in the sky, seemingly identical to our own in every way. It's all one big symbol for the choices we make in life. While our heroine tries to make peace with her reckless past, she stares up at the sky and wonders if—across that brief expanse of space—there isn't another her who made different, better life choices. That's about it. It's a thought-provoker all right, but the story is too bogged down in standard-issue Lifetime movie-of-the-week melodrama to reach a higher metaphorical plateau. 92 minutes PG-13.