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British director Steve McQueen offered up the brutally realistic but essentially unwatchable Bobby Sands biopic Hunger back in 2008. In it, Michael Fassbender gave a fully committed performance as the infamous IRA hunger striker. Now, McQueen and Fassbender have reunited for another admirable, but hard-to-sit-through drama. Fassbender plays a rich, inscrutable New Yorker addicted to sex. His emotionless lifestyle comes into question when his suicidal sister (Cary Mulligan) shows up for an extended visit. The NC-17 film features plenty of naked Fassbender, but the sex is so uncomfortable and passionless it's hard to tell who could actually sit through it all. It's undoubtedly an accurate portrayal of the miserable crisis of sex addiction, but long, dialogue-free stretches and a lack of narrative direction make for mighty slow going. If you're big on inner turmoil—which Fassbender repeatedly indicates by putting his head in his hands and sighing heavily—Shame is the voyeuristic art project for you. 101 minutes NC-17.