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Man on a Ledge

Gimmicky and claustrophobic, this cheap thriller recalls similar far-fetched crime films like Phone Booth, Cellular and 16 Blocks. In this one, Sam Worthington (Avatar) occasionally butchers a New Yawk accent to play a cop who escapes from prison after being framed for a diamond heist he didn't commit. Turns out he's standing on a Manhattan hotel ledge the entire movie and chatting with a desperate police negotiator (the badly miscast Elizabeth Banks) just to distract from the preposterous heist being pulled off across the street by his skinny little brother (Billy Elliot's Jamie Bell) and his bro's hottie fiancée (the improbably named Mexican soap star Genesis Rodriguez). The heist (featuring lasers, heat sensors and—I swear to god—sexy catsuits) feels like a 10-year-old describing the last Mission: Impossible movie. 102 minutes PG-13.