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This quirky mix of off-beat romance and indie thriller doesn't always blend together properly, but there are still enough elements to recommend. Actress Robin Tunney (The Craft, End Of Days) blossoms as as an insecure office worker who is obsessed with sappy '80s pop tunes and can't seem to land herself a second date with any of her various one night stands. After a mysterious carjacker gets her involved in a deadly car accident, our heroine finds herself living out her worst nightmare—placed under house arrest in her crappy downtown apartment. Her only outside contact is with a lonely police technician (Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?'s Tim Blake Nelson) sent to check on her alarm bracelet. The funny, melancholy love story works quite well; but the film degenerates into predictable "thriller" territory at the end, when our heroine's mysterious stalker returns. Credit writer/director Finn Taylor (Dream With the Fishes) for creating a generally original comedy with a handful of sophomore glitches. 99 minutes